SRC Launches Trade Secrets & Restrictive Covenants Blog and Twitter Account

Schuyler, Roche and Crisham is pleased to announce the launch of the SRC Trade Secrets & Restrictive Covenants blog—a Web-based resource that will provide analysis and insights into the news, trends and cases that are shaping the constantly evolving field of trade secrets and restrictive covenant law.

Managed by contributing editors and SRC shareholders Michael Braun, Ernest Irons, Daniel Kinsella and James Komie, the blog will feature content from a broad roster of SRC attorneys, many of whom have achieved national recognition for their contributions in the area of trade secrets and restrictive covenants.  Among the other SRC attorneys who will contribute to the blog are Michael Faley, Michael Lee, Michael Roche, Brian Hormozi, James McNamara, Laurie Perez, Ian Reynolds, Michelle Savin and Megan Smith.

“We have been planning a trade secrets and restrictive covenants blog for some time and are excited to see it become a reality,” said Contributing Editor James Komie. “We have a number of attorneys who spend a good part of their time on these issues in Illinois and all around the country.   So we are uniquely able to provide digital audiences with meaningful and relevant insights on developments in trade secrets and restrictive covenants.”

The blog will address a wide range of topics related to the protection of trade secrets, the retention of key employees, policies to protect company assets, non-compete and confidentiality clauses and other issues that are important to businesses and legal practitioners. Although the blog will include national coverage, it will emphasize current topics in trade secret and restrictive covenant law in Illinois and the surrounding states.

The SRC Trade Secrets & Restrictive Covenants Blog will also make its posts and updates available through Twitter. “I am a big fan of Twitter,” said Komie.  “Right now, Twitter is probably used mostly for entertainment and social networking.  But it is being used more and more by attorneys and business people stay up-to-date on legal developments.  Twitter is a great way of filtering the overload of information available on the Internet so that you get only what is most relevant to your practice or business.”

Visit to view the SRC Trade Secrets & Restrictive Covenants blog.

Follow the SRC Trade Secrets and Restrictive Covenants Blog on Twitter at @srctradesecblog.  

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