SRC Shareholder Charles Cole Elected as the Americas Representative on the International Committee of Mackrell International

Recently, SRC attorney and shareholder Charles Cole was elected as the Americas representative on the International Committee of Mackrell International. Mackrell is a highly selective network of independent legal firms, with member firms in more than 55 countries and access to over 4,000 attorneys around the globe.

The Mackrell network enables local firms to leverage the expertise and experience of member firms around the world. While each member firm retains its own identity and independence, pre-existing relationships with other member firms and a thorough due diligence vetting process gives local firms the ability to provide outstanding legal advice on any continent.

The International Committee (IC) is comprised of representatives elected from each of three global regions: (1) the Americas (North, South and Central America), (2) Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and (3) Asia and the South Pacific. Cole will serve as one of two Americas representatives for a three-year term, and will assume the post at this year’s Annual General Meeting on May 8th in Miami.

In his new role on the IC, Cole will share responsibility for the overall management and operations of Mackrell International. Areas in which the IC typically provides leadership and oversight include financial matters, membership, marketing and various other organizational issues.

“I am honored to be selected and to serve on the International Committee of Mackrell International, an organization of the highest quality of attorneys throughout the world,” said Cole.

Cole’s election to the IC highlights SRC’s ongoing commitment to maintaining close relationships with colleagues both in the U.S. and abroad. The firm’s active participation in Mackrell International ensures that SRC clients have access to the best possible legal counsel, anywhere in the world.

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