Securities Arbitration Commentator Names Michael Roche to Influential Board of Editors

Richard Ryder, president and founder of Securities Arbitration Commentator (SAC), recently invited Michael Roche, head of Schuyler Roche’s Business Litigation team, to join the organization’s Board of Editors. Calling SAC’s monthly Commentator the “bible in the securities and arbitration field,” Michael says he was “surprised and flattered” by Ryder’s invitation. Ryder established SAC in 1988 in response to a U.S. Supreme Court decision approving arbitration as the forum for resolving disputes between securities firms and investors with arbitration contracts. He envisioned the Commentator as a vehicle for preparing attorneys, arbitrators, experts and industry managers for the spate of arbitration to follow.

“The members of SAC's editorial board,” Ryder explains, “are people who have garnered respect in the securities arbitration process, who have contributed affirmatively to make arbitration better and who serve as role models for future dispute resolution advocates. I have known Michael Roche for many years and he easily and comfortably fits this description.” In his new role, Michael joins a distinguished group of attorneys, experts and neutrals. “He adds creditably,” says Ryder, “to the Board's prestige and reputation. I look forward to the opportunity to receive his help and advice.”

In each issue of Commentator, Ryder makes it clear the opinions expressed therein do not constitute endorsement by its Board of Editors or their firms. From board members he seeks guidance on industry trends and the “diversity of ideas and perspectives guest authors can provide.” In addition to its indispensable publication, SAC provides trend analysis, databases listing awards and cases, background on case arbitrators, among many other online and print services.

“I have known Rick Ryder professionally for 25 years,” Michael reflects, “and watched with awe as he left a lucrative law career to found SAC, which in a very short time became essential to people in our field. I am honored to join him in his mission.”

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