Securities Litigation Commentator Welcomes James L. Komie as Contributing Editor

“I have some good news to start the year right,” said Richard Ryder, Editor-in-Chief of Securities Litigation Commentator (SLC), when informing its Board of Contributing Legal Editors that one of Schuyler Roche's distinguished litigators had accepted his invitation to become a member. To subscribers Ryder wrote, “We are delighted to announce that James L. Komie joins the board…. He has a wide range of experience as a commercial litigator, emphasizes employment law and counseling in his practice and frequently appears in court and arbitration in connection with raiding and broker recruitment matters. He has also been a regular lecturer on restrictive covenants, trade secret issues and raiding-related matters.”

In acknowledging his appointment James said: “I am honored and excited to join the board. I view SLC and its sister publication, Securities Arbitration Commentator, as mandatory reading for any attorney or industry professional who wants to stay on top of new developments in securities litigation and arbitration. I hope to add value by calling upon my experience in securities arbitration, particularly my experience with trade secret and restrictive covenant litigation.”

Each week SLC’s board generates decision summaries explaining current case law and proposing new tactics to use in broker-dealer litigation and arbitration. Together, this group of practicing securities lawyers provides readers a clear assessment of matters important to their clients, and its synopses and commentaries provide invaluable insights.

In discussing SLC as a legal resource, James lauded the balanced background of its contributing editors “both geographically and with respect to the editors' particular expertises within the broader field of securities arbitration. As a whole, the board brings an almost unmatched expertise to the table.”

James, whose own specialty is litigating recruiting and raiding disputes within the brokerage industry, wasted no time in submitting his first contribution about a recent Seventh Circuit Court opinion. In summarizing Olson v. Wexford Clearing Services Corp., he turned a critical eye to a complex case that involved determining when an arbitration award would be deemed “final” and would start the clock running on the three-month period for challenging the award in court under the Federal Arbitration Act.

“The credit for my appointment,” James stressed, “goes to Mike Roche, who put my name forward, and who sits on the Board of Editors for Securities Arbitration Commentator.” To counter James’s modesty and emphasize the importance of his appointment, Richard Ryder explained, “Jim’s participation is very welcome. We have many cases decided in his Circuit,” cases he is well positioned to elucidate for readers.

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