Sky Radio Archives Broadcasts Featuring Roche and Brehm

When the Sky Radio Network began airing interviews with Michael B. Roche and L. Andrew Brehm on the business channels of American and United airlines, it reached millions of corporate travelers. Conducted by staff members of Steve Forbes and relevant still in today's shifting business climate, both interviews remain available online at the following links:

"The Cost of Compliance Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002" with Michael Roche, who leads Schuyler Roche's Business Litigation team.
"Restrictive Covenants: Are They Worth the Paper They're Written On?" with Andrew Brehm, a seasoned litigator concentrating in securities and commodities law and commercial and employment matters.

In "The Cost of Compliance Under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002," part of Sky Radio's Spotlight on Corporate Ethics series, Michael Roche engages in a spirited conversation with the show's host, elaborating on the regulatory and ethical challenges small and mid-cap companies face and the cost of complying in terms of financial and human capital. During the same program, Congressman Michael Oxley describes the act bearing his name; Steve Forbes discusses finance; Nickelodeon president Herb Scannell explains the power of branding; and Senator Scott Pruitt argues for malpractice, tort and jury reform.

In his interview—"Restrictive Covenants: Are They Worth the Paper They're Written On?"—Andrew Brehm dispels the myths about non-compete agreements. Parsing their function—to protect customer relationships and proprietary knowledge—he says any company depending on a sales force or confidential information stands to benefit from such agreements. He cautions to be fair, however, when drafting them, not to overreach; most courts will protect against unfair competition, but not inhibit competition entirely. Tips to succeed include deploying consistent language for similarly situated people, seeking preemptive legal counsel before hiring a competitor's employees and instructing potential hires not to raid files or solicit customers from their current employers. "Ultimately," says Drew, "the judge is the wild card."

Sky Radio aired the interviews over many months, and both remain accessible from the links above.

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